Whether they are in-person or online, events are an important aspect of many communities. And now they have become a first-class citizen in Savannah CRM! In addition to adding pages for tracking and managing your events and attendees, this update also introduces two new Source plugins for importing them: Meetup.com and iCal

Meetup.com is the most popular place to build local, in-person communities. This new plugin allows you to import information about the events being run, as well as who is attending them. Your organizers will be counted as contributors for the events that they are hosting, allowing you to see at a glance who is putting in the work to make things happen.

The iCal plugin allows you to connect most online calendars, such as Google Calendar, into Savannah CRM using just a common share link. Any attendees in your invite will be automatically imported and listed as attendees of your event, with the calendar owner being marked as the host (which again counts as a contribution).

This feature and these new plugins open up opportunities for many more insights that will be coming soon to Savannah CRM, including measuring the impact of events on continued community engagement, and identifying which ones are effective and bringing new members into your community, so stay tuned for more updates!

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