Savannah CRM brings all of your members and activity together in one place, making it easy to manage your community as a whole. But often times y’ll need to manage segments of your community individually, especially as your community grows and people start to specialize on different things.

Savannah helps you here too, by allowing you define Projects for each of these segments, and giving you key insights into the community members involved in them.

Projects can be defined using Tags or Channels, or a combination of both, giving you the flexibility to create them however you want. Here are some common ways you can use Projects in your community.

1. See who’s talking about key topics

No matter how large or small your community is, you will have a number of different topics that your members care about, or that you want them to care about. This can be a specific feature in your product, an event or marketing campaign you’re running, or a common activity like outreach.

You can can track who is talking about these things, regardless of where they are in your community, by creating a Tag for it, and using that Tag in a Project. When you define your Tag, provide it with a list of keywords that can be used to match conversations to the topic you’re interested in. Then Savannah will automatically apply that Tag to your Conversations and Contributions, and use that information to populate your Project with the activity around that topic and key people involved.

2. Watch activity by where it’s happening

Sometime you want to get a view of what your community is doing in only one or a handful of channels. For example, if you’re a software project you may want to look specifically at community activity in your source code repository.

To do that, create a Project that tracks only those Channels. You can choose all the channels from one source, or multiple channels from multiple sources, as long as they are all dedicated to the activity you want to track.

3. Identifying teams and leaders

Most communities, as they grow, will form teams that focus on one topic or task more than others. Teams allow members to become more deeply involved in the things they care about the most, and allow you to delegate work more efficiently.

The biggest challenge with forming teams is deciding who should be on them, and who should be leading them. Team members should be both knowledgeable and trusted, especially when it means being given added authority or access to your community or company’s resources.

Using both a Tag and Channels in a Project, you can let Savannah identify who is contributing most to that team’s focus, and how recently. These people are your natural choice for who to give leadership roles and responsibilities too.

These are just a few of the ways you can use Savannah Projects to more efficiently and effectively manage your Community. You can create as many Projects as you like, using different combinations of Tags or Channels, so you can find the strategies that work best for you.

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