News from the Savannah

  • Savannah CRM Integration with
    Community insights can provide a lot of value to your company, but getting those insights in front of the people who can benefit from them most has always been a challenge. Not anymore! Today we’re launching our Salesforce integration for Savannah CRM, which will let community managers share what they’ve learned from the community directly…
  • Show off your community with new Shared Dashboards
    Savannah CRM provides a huge amount of insights and information to community managers about their community’s activities, interests and leaders. Now we’re making it easier than ever for community managers to share that information with a wider audience! If you see this “Share” button at the top of any page, just to the right of…
  • New pricing for Individual Community Managers
    Building and managing a community is a lot of work, especially if you’re the only one doing it. Usually solo community managers have very little budget for tools that make your job easier and your work more productive. So to help we’re introducing a new, more affordable pricing level just for you! Let Savannah CRM…
  • API Integrations with Zapier
    How to use API Integrations with Zapier to connect Savannah CRM to Twitter and other platforms.

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