News from the Savannah

  • Tracking your Community Events with Savannah
    Whether they are in-person or online, events are an important aspect of many communities. And now they have become a first-class citizen in Savannah CRM! In addition to adding pages for tracking and managing your events and attendees, this update also introduces two new Source plugins for importing them: and iCal is the…
  • How to Build Teams in your Community
    In The Art of Community, Jono Bacon describes teams as “the building blocks of community”. As your community grows beyond a few dozen people it becomes harder for them to collaborate and focus in on specific tasks all together. When that happens you can re-invigorate your community by forming teams around common interests and goals….
  • What is a Community Relationship Manager?
    A CRM, or Customer Relationship Manager, has been an invaluable tool for sales and support teams for decades, helping them interact better with customers or prospective customers by providing them with the information they need to do their job more effectively. A Community CRM, or Community Relationship Manager, brings the same benefits to those of…
  • Savannah CRM Integration with
    Community insights can provide a lot of value to your company, but getting those insights in front of the people who can benefit from them most has always been a challenge. Not anymore! Today we’re launching our Salesforce integration for Savannah CRM, which will let community managers share what they’ve learned from the community directly…

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