From its very beginning Savannah CRM has focused more on helping Community Managers build bigger, healthier communities by giving them what they need to know rather than simply throwing endless metrics at them. Now we’re taking that concept even further by adding new features that give Community Managers control over where their community is going, not just looking at where it’s been. The first of these comes in the form of Contribution Opportunities.


Contributions, along with Conversations, are one of the core concepts in Savannah CRM. By recognizing the difference between engaging and giving back, and treating them as fundamentally different milestones in a community member’s journey, we’ve been able to gleam insights and identify key members better than our competitors. That all depended on identifying contributions after they happen. Now we’re building ways to help you make them happen.


Borrowing heavily from the traditional sales CRM concept of a deal opportunity, but crafting it specifically for community contributions, our new Opportunity feature gives you a way to proactively seek new contributions from your community members. This is likely something you do already, by asking people to make a PR or write a blog post, but you probably haven’t had a way to track those once you do, and you certainly didn’t have a way to track how many people you were asking, how many of each kind of contribution you were asking for, or how far along that work has gone.

Now, using your Member data already in Savannah CRM, along with information about existing contribution types and platform sources, we can give you a quick and easy way to organize these requests, and remind you to to follow up on them when needed. With quick action buttons on your Manager’s Dashboard, the new Opportunities page, and even each Member’s profile page, you can keep your progress up to date and always know who is working on what.

We’ll even give you a breakdown of what types of Contributions you’re targeting, how many are being completed, and a traditional funnel chart showing you if these opportunities are getting blocked somewhere along the way, so that you can improve your contributing experience.

And all of this is just the start. Contribution Opportunities will soon get their own suggestions, both for contributions being completed as well as identifying new ones, integration into Savannah’s notifications and email updates, and more!

We are constantly working to advance the state of the art for Community Management, and hope you’ll come on that journey with us.

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